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What Is An Epoxy Floor Coating? The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

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Regardless of where you’ve seen or heard of it, metallic epoxy floor coatings remain a puzzle to many. These beautiful surfaces often raise questions about materials used in their creation. This is the right place to answer all your questions.

Are you in search of a floor that has exceptional durability, resistant to relatively all forms of wear and tear? Metallic epoxy floors are the course to take.

A low yellowing epoxy coating is simply a blend of metallic pigments.

It constitutes of tiny glitter pigments mixed within an epoxy resin, then poured on your floor or any other surface. The agitation is done using a roller or paintbrush, which causes them to collect and twist. Further turn to a beautiful spectacle that reflects light from various angles.

In the end, as the epoxy hardens, these metallic and glitter pigments afford your floor a striking three-dimensional look. Installation technique determines the final look.

What are The Benefits of Pigment Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Elevated Home Improvement recommend pigment floors for many commercial establishments as well as industrial areas. What are the advantages they offer?

Better Aesthetics

You will always love what you see every time you set foot on your new pigment floor. They have a smooth finish, eye-catching appearance, and are easy to clean. Unlike hardwood floors that need special cleaning agents, epoxy floors can handle any cleaning solution. Cleaning up a messy spillage is pie-easy.


This is among the main reasons epoxy floors are used in the industrial sector, especially the automotive industry. They are not only water and heat-resistant, but also not affected by bleach, gasoline, oil, cleansers, brake fluid, and much more.

Some of the pigments used in finishing the floor are highly fire-resistant. When exposed to extreme heat, they expand, providing a protective coat on your floor for as long as the fire lasts.


Unlike concrete and wooden floors, which are porous to almost all liquid spills, epoxy pigment flooring in New Jersey is highly protective. From moisture to grease and stains, no liquid spills affect this floor finish. This gives it an advantage over tile and carpet flooring.

Tough Design

Many companies handling heavy machinery and busy work schedules prefer epoxy floor finishes for their long-lasting durability. Unlike many floors out there, epoxy pigment flooring is highly durable as it withstands regular tear and wears caused by dragging objects across the floor or machine tires.


Once an epoxy floor is installed in your residential or commercial setting, you can forget about floor maintenance for decades. These floors are extraordinarily sturdy. A metallic epoxy floor finish will stay new for decades without even the slightest peels or cracks, even with heavy activity on it.


There is a wide versatility in how your epoxy floor finish will look like. You can get a different color, unique pattern, and design with which you want to organize your floor. Epoxy flooring allows you to elegantly spice your plain concrete and give your residential or workspace an elegant ambiance amusing to many.


Garage owners have a liking for this type of floor, not only due to the long life and resistance. It also comes in handy in maintaining safety for their components and machinery. The material used is highly reflective, which fills light in the empty space, thus enhancing visibility for safety.

Is It Suitable for Commercial or Domestic Setting?

Lucky enough for you, epoxy metallic flooring is recommended for both residential and commercial settings. You can use it to spruce up your plain concrete kitchen, basement, or living room floors at home and enhance the aesthetics. Use it for salons, restaurants, retail stores, hotel lobbies as well as offices.

Hiring Elevated Home Improvement For Your Epoxy Floor Installations

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