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Tips for Improving Your Patio

Removing Debris

With your patio being outside (obviously), sticks and debris are very likely to find their way to the surface. Considering the easily movable nature of sticks and debris, you have a few options to remove them. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can circle the perimeter with a broom to remove debris. The easiest way, especially due to the fact that most debris on an outdoor surface is organic, is to simply use a leaf blower to push all the debris into the lawn.  

Decorations & Lighting

Adding decorations is a simple yet great way to upgrade your patio. Decorations such as potted/hanging plants, statues, and birdbaths are great ways to improve the aesthetic of your outdoor living space. Fire pits are also great for providing atmosphere and improving the look of your patio. 

Lighting for your patio is crucial from both a decorating and ambiance perspective. Decorative lighting fixtures can tie the whole area together. For example, stringed light fixtures that stretch across from above provide adequate lighting and a unique feel. While a bit more expensive, LED lights are the preferred choice for outdoor lighting fixtures. LED bulbs save energy and, eventually, money that would otherwise be spent replacing incandescent lightbulbs. 

Patio Pressure Washing

While you could attempt power washing on your own, it is best to avoid the risk of damaging it. Hiring a local power washing company to perform patio cleaning services is the best route. Local power washing companies generally come equipped with the technology and experience to do the job. However, you want to make sure you are hiring a professional power washing company that is fully insured and guarantees their work. For example, Elevated Home Improvement has proven processes and uses safe pressure to ensure everything is up to your standards when we are power washing a patio. In fact, we guarantee to deliver the best results for your property using our safe and effective processes, or your money back. 

Concrete Patio Sealing

Sealing your patio is one of the best ways, besides washing, to extend its lifespan. Concrete patio sealing services, much like patio washing, are best left to professionals to ensure top quality. Elevated Home Improvement offers a siloxane sealer that penetrates the pores of the surface and strengthens from within. 

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