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Maintaining Epoxy Floors

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Clean Up Minor Spills Quickly

Using a soft mop or cloth, you can clean up minor spills on epoxy flooring. It often works well to keep soft rags or mop heads on hand in your working area to clean up this kind of small spill. By doing so, liquids won’t damage the finish or stain it if left too long. Instead, take the time to quickly clean up minor spills to keep your floor looking great.

Routine Maintenance Is Important

Routine maintenance of your epoxy flooring is also very important. Sweep the floors regularly with a soft bristle broom or a commercial dust mop to prevent substances from building up on the floor’s surface that could nick it or scratch it over time. It’s important to take care of your floors on an ongoing basis, to avoid accidental damage from neglect over time.  

Heavy Cleaning Is Simple

From time to time, you’ll need to deep clean your epoxy floors. Luckily, this type of cleaning is easy to do. Further, it’s as simple as hosing down the floors themselves with a mild soap and water combination. There’s no need to utilize a particular floor cleaning solution or a specific type of brush; you can just focus on getting the general grime off the floor. Spray water in, scrub the floor down, remove any spots, and then get back to your regular work routine. 

Protect the Flooring in Trouble Spots

It’s also important to protect the flooring’s finish in specific trouble spots, like inside entryways where dirt or salt might damage the floor’s finish. If you run an automotive or motorcycle shop. It’s also important to protect the flooring from divots and dings from cars, motorcycle kickstands, and more. The epoxy flooring can stand up to quite a lot, but it is possible to damage the flooring if it’s not cared for correctly. 

If you run a type of business where the flooring could be easily damaged if it were standard concrete, it may be time to consider an epoxy coating instead. This coating is strong enough to withstand most potential damage, easily cleaned, and easily maintained. Reach out to the friendly professionals at Elevated Home Improvement to learn more about having your specific floors coated. Elevated Home Improvement prides itself on the proper epoxy flooring installations in New Jersey. Contact us here or call 732-707-1395.