epoxy floors new jersey

Concrete Preparation

Before applying any concrete coating, the concrete must be diamond ground with concrete grinders. Some do-it-yourselfers and even contractors prepare the concrete by acid washing without grinding. Heavy traffic floor coatings cannot meet these requirements.

Epoxy resin type

The type of epoxy used influences how long it will endure. It’s similar to painting a wall: if you use cheap paint, the paint finish will not last as long and will need to be recoated sooner than if you use high-quality paint, where the finish would endure for many years. The same is true for epoxy flooring.

Coatings of epoxy

A roller can be used to apply epoxy, typically two coats at 0.3mm thickness each; or a trowel can be used to apply epoxy at 3mm thickness, which is self-leveling epoxy. In this case, the epoxy may last 10 years when applied with a roller and 20 years when applied with a trowel.

Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Setting

is the epoxy floor in your garage where there is no significant traffic or wear and tear. Is the epoxy flooring in a commercial kitchen where it needs to deal with fat and hot ovens all day or is it in a warehouse where big forklifts and machines whizzing about all day?

How frequently does the epoxy flooring need to be cleaned?

It is important to clean and maintain epoxy flooring regularly, just as you would any other floor. Garage flooring is simple to clean; a dry microfiber mop and a fast wet mop every now and then will extend the life of the epoxy floor. Using a sweeper and ride-on scrubber, commercial floors should be cleaned daily. These cleaning recommendations will extend the life of any epoxy floor, ensuring that you receive your money’s worth for many years.

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