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Epoxy Floors: Helping This Winter

Do you live in an area where winter brings weather conditions like snow, slush, and ice? If so, these conditions can be hard on your home’s concrete floors. Spare your garage floors the salt, snow, and slush that your car’s tire tracks in daily by considering installing epoxy floors. A good coating like epoxy will prevent costly damage like cracks and structural damage, and extend the lifespan and aesthetics of your concrete floors. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy in the winter.

Improved appearance

Winter grit and grime can make garage floors dull and lifeless, but with epoxy floors, this wear and tear are minimal. You don’t have to worry about the long-term staining that salt can do to your porous concrete floors. You don’t need to wash your epoxy-coated garage floor as often as you would a regular concrete floor.

Protect from water damage

Basements are more likely to suffer water damage than garages, but it can still be an issue, namely from water dripping off of your car’s tires and onto the concrete floor. Temperatures oscillating from freezing to thawed can warp the structure of your concrete, creating issues that you don’t want to have. Coating your concrete floors in epoxy will protect the integrity of the floor and add a water-resistant barrier to the surface of the concrete.

Cold Temperatures Are No Problem

It’s freezing out, the snow is falling steadily, and lingering puddles have turned to ice. Obviously, this translates to the inability of any garage floor coating to properly adhere, right?

A professional technician is trained and educated in these winter coating applications. They can prepare the correct formula to negate the effects of the dropping temperatures.

Some winter variants can be applied in conditions as low as ten degrees. Flooring companies also come prepared to handle these cold temperatures. They bring in tools to heat the coating materials before application. Floor coating professionals are experienced enough to know how to accommodate for winter months and how to ensure their coating materials are seamlessly applied to even the coldest concrete slabs.


Garage floors aren’t the only things that are vulnerable to a wet floor! Snow and ice melt, and can create puddles. Epoxy floor coatings are slip resistant and easy to clean and dry. Plus, they require little maintenance.

Winter doesn’t have to be your garage floor’s nemesis. At Elevated Home Improvement, we provide high-quality installations of epoxy flooring in New Jersey. Contact us today or call 732-707-1395. To learn more about pricing and the installation process for an epoxy floor coating, click here.