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Back Deck Trends for 2022

Custom Tailored Spaces

When you are at home a lot, your home space suddenly becomes more important.

In the past two years, with Covid19 and the push to stay home, we noticed a trend with outdoor spaces. People are at home more, so they want their already “custom outdoor spaces” to work even better for them.

We love this trend because it makes for lots of unique and original spaces that stand out from the neighborhood. The creativity is awesome! 

So whatever you love to do, it’s becoming trendy to tailor your deck. To fit a specific niche such as outdoor dining, movie nights, swimming, or hosting large parties.

High-End Patios

Patios sit directly on the ground, while decks are elevated. A deck may consist of wood or composite materials, while a patio may consist of stone, concrete, or other hardscape materials.

We find that people are increasingly willing to dish out extra money for a unique and gorgeous space right on the ground level. 

We can see why, too! Beautiful patios are a great addition to your home. 

Patios provide: 

  • The perfect outdoor hosting space, especially since you don’t need to enter the house to access them. Guests can show up, party, and leave without ever setting foot inside – making for perfect quarantine parties! 
  • A fun and functional transition from a deck or back door to the yard. 
  • Increased aesthetic appeal for your home. Patios can add that perfect finishing touch that compliments your house and adds interest to your landscaping.

Multi Seasonal Spaces

Who wants to stop using their patio or deck because winter sets in? 

Nobody does. But most people head inside during winter because their outdoor space is not protected from the harsh winter elements. 

However, people are starting to rethink this! 

We see more and more people opting for multi-seasonal spaces they can use all year round. 

A multi-seasonal area is one of the most functional spaces you can add to your home. A porch enclosure typically consists of a deck-like area with removable or retractable walls. Such as accordion doors, glass garage doors, or retractable vinyl walls. This allows you to enjoy the breeze when it’s warm, but still use your space during bad weather. 

Modern Skirting

Deck skirting is the part of the deck in between the deck platform and the ground. Skirting accomplishes several things: 

  • Hides the unsightly space underneath your deck, increasing visual appeal. 
  • Allows you to store things underneath your deck unseen. 
  • It helps keep critters out from under your deck. 

One of the most common skirting materials is that wood lattice you have probably seen before. Another standard option is to just use more decking material in vertical strips along the bottom of the deck. 

However, we have seen a movement away from both of these methods. Instead, we have seen two other trends emerging: 

  • Horizontal skirting – Many people opt for skirting made with decking materials and installed horizontally instead of vertically. The horizontal lines add to a streamlined, modern, clean-line feel.
  • Stone – Lately, we have been upgrading a lot of decks to stone skirting. It creates a nice, substantial feeling when compared with delicate-looking lattice and adds a modern feel. 


The stone trend reaches higher than just deck skirting! 

People are also starting to love masonry work for other elements on their decks. Whether it is pillars, a flagstone floor, or a fireplace, people are loving stone!  

Here are some ideas for ways you could rock some masonry on your new deck or patio: 

  • A stone fireplace or fire pit 
  • Stone pillars supporting your deck or the roof above your covered deck
  • A stone wall 
  • A stone bench seat 
  • Stone pillars with plants on top 
  • Water features 
  • A stone or brick entryway 
  • A unique outdoor kitchen or bar space 


It’s always convenient to have a little counter space on your deck. As a result, you won’t waste time in the kitchen prepping food instead of socializing with guests.

With the product shortages seen across the industry, we have started looking outside of our standard options. Further bringing back materials like granite. We have had fun reintroducing the old materials, and our clients have been getting excited about them too! 

This trend and the masonry trend go hand in hand. You can get creative and pair fresh, modern masonry ideas with time-tested countertop materials such as granite! 

Modern Curves

Modern people like unique and different designs. We have seen this taste for originality coming through in patios and decks. 

With a free-form patio or deck, you can design any shape you want. What we see is that people are particularly going for the curvy look.  

We are big fans of this trend, as it is fun to see what is possible with curved lines! At Elevated Home Improvement we receive quite a few comments and compliments on our experience and ability to create curved features. We find a lot of clients choosing us on that basis.

We continue to push our limits in this area!