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5 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal This Spring

Traditional American House

1.) Remove Porch Railing

Modern front porches have clean lines and no clutter, so here’s an idea for folks with ground-level porches: remove the railing. 

For safety reasons, elevated front porches need railings. Get rid of the railing on your low-lying porch if it is more of a barrier than a safety feature.

A sledgehammer makes it easy to take down the wood porch railing. Remove the top and bottom rails first, then knock the balusters out one by one.

To fill holes on the columns where your railing runs, use wood putty. After it has dried, lightly sand it and paint to match.

2.) Paint Shutters a More Modern Color

Consider choosing paint that will withstand the test of time for your front porch, since modern porches feature contemporary colors. You don’t have to paint your entire house to change the look of your shutters.

Wipe the shutters dry with a microfiber cloth and clean them with soapy water. After taping the edges, start painting.

3.) Change or Paint the Pattern on Porch

A painted concrete floor will add character and hide any imperfections. Choosing the right design will also make a big difference, so make sure you make the right choice. Adding zigzag patterns and vertical lines gives the illusion of an elongated porch.

You only need a stencil pattern, painter’s tape, a brush, and the color of your choice.

4.) Remove Unnecessary Shrubs

You will feel claustrophobic on your front porch if your shrubs are too tall and out of control. Plus, they block the view.

With a garden shovel, dig up the roots of the shrubs and remove them. With the right garden shovel, you’ll be able to cut through roots by hand so you can get them off.

5.) Replace Overgrown Shrubs with Low Plants

If you don’t want to completely remove those tall shrubs, consider replacing them with a low plant!

You can add some color to your front porch with short perennials like geraniums and violets, which stay low to the ground.

Plant hostas and monkey grass for green foliage all year round. Further, the plants won’t grow too tall, and they’ll bloom in the summer too.